Jeremias Maerki wrote:
>> I’ve sent a request for clarification on xsl-editors@
> Good idea. Due to the lack of a useful XSL test suite that is the only
> way to improve interoperability between implementations. Some day, I'll
> take on this task......

Makes me think of it: does anyone know why there are no more graphics in  
the Rec illustrating some specification details (except that graphics 
are more difficult to create and maintain than text)? That’s the first 
thing I’m doing when trying to understand a new one.

This is like the intent behind some rules: at many places of the spec it 
is obvious that a rule was created to achieve a specific rendering; 
having the rendering intent together with the rule would greatly help to 
understand that latter. I seem to remember that someone told this was 
the case in draft pre-versions but that they were removed from the final 
version, which is unfortunate.

Shall I submit those suggestions on [EMAIL PROTECTED]


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