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On 22.01.2008 12:10:49 Vincent Hennebert wrote:
> Hi Jeremias,
> Nice job. I’d have a few comments/questions.
> I’ll criticise a bit in the next paragraph, but please don’t feel 
> offended and take it as “positive criticism”. I realise it’s not easy to 
> write doc, and it’s already great to take the time for it. But since I’m 
> lacking of skills in that area I can’t improve it by myself.
> I think it’s not clear from a user point of vue whether JAI is no longer 
> needed or not. In the introduction it’s written that “Jimi and JAI are 
> no longer supported”. But footnote 1 in the following section states: 
> “Requires the presence of JAI [...]”.
> I understand it as: the JAI API will no longer be used directly, but 
> only through the generic Java Image I/O API. Is that right? Maybe the 
> text could be re-phrased a bit.

Yes. I made a note on the difference.

> That said, does a user really need this information? Maybe it’s enough 
> to say that Jimi is no longer needed, and that JAI remains an optional 
> dependency that adds support for more image formats. Without entering 
> too much the details of code changes.

JAI is no longer a dependency, not even an optional one. I haven't
reimplemented a plug-in for it. JAI Image I/O Tools is an optional
add-on for any Java >=1.4. FOP can simply make use of the additional
codecs through Java's ImageIO API if it is present.

> Also, build.xml still contains checks about the presence of Jimi (and 
> JAI). I guess it’s no longer required and can be removed now?


> <snip/>
> > -      <section id="svg-pdf-text">
> > -        <title>Placing SVG Text into PDF and PostScript</title>
> > -        <p>If possible, Batik will use normal PDF or PostScript text when 
> > inserting text. It does
> > -this by checking if the text can be drawn normally and the font is
> > -supported. This example svg <a href="../dev/svg/text.svg">text.svg</a> /
> > -<!--link href="../dev/svg/text.pdf"-->text.pdf<!--/link-->
> > -shows how various types and effects with text are handled.
> > -Note that tspan and outlined text are not yet implemented.</p>
> Is that still true with your recent work on improving text support for 
> SVG images?

Yes. SVG fonts are still painted as shapes and certain other very
special SVG cases which I don't remember right now.

Jeremias Maerki

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