Jeremias Maerki wrote:
>> I think it’s not clear from a user point of vue whether JAI is no longer 
>> needed or not. In the introduction it’s written that “Jimi and JAI are 
>> no longer supported”. But footnote 1 in the following section states: 
>> “Requires the presence of JAI [...]”.
>> I understand it as: the JAI API will no longer be used directly, but 
>> only through the generic Java Image I/O API. Is that right? Maybe the 
>> text could be re-phrased a bit.
> Yes. I made a note on the difference.
>> That said, does a user really need this information? Maybe it’s enough 
>> to say that Jimi is no longer needed, and that JAI remains an optional 
>> dependency that adds support for more image formats. Without entering 
>> too much the details of code changes.
> JAI is no longer a dependency, not even an optional one. I haven't
> reimplemented a plug-in for it. JAI Image I/O Tools is an optional
> add-on for any Java >=1.4. FOP can simply make use of the additional
> codecs through Java's ImageIO API if it is present.

So IIUC that means that my current JAI library will no longer be any 
useful, and that if I want to use the advanced functionalities of JAI 
Image I/O I have to download this other bundle and install it on my Java 
system? I guess there’s no chance that I will have JAI Image I/O support 
simply by leaving my current JAI jar in the classpath? I’m sure many 
users will think of that. That ‘JAI’ in both names is slightly 

Looks like some proper “how to upgrade” doc will be needed in this area. 
If I can’t get to sleep tonight...

Thanks for the clarification,

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