On Jan 31, 2008, at 08:50, Jeremias Maerki wrote:

I'm not sure, yet, if it's so easily possible to get the
TransformerFactory from the FopFactory as it's not available everywhere.
This could take some additional wiring. At first I was simply thinking
about a classloader-wide setting (i.e. static variable) plus a system
property. After all, it's not just FOP that instantiates Transformers,
but XML Graphics Commons and Batik, too. I'll look into it.

Indeed. Sorry, I write that far too often: "...should 'simply'...", while it is not at all simple... Hey, maybe I should become a manager. ;-) I totally overlooked Commons and Batik. In that case, it could be worth considering moving this logic to Commons. In that case, if both Batik and FOP use it, the problem is solved for both. As indicated in the other thread about the XML APIs, not as a mandatory dependency that would also affect people who happen to use Commons, but not FOP or Batik, but as part of a special xmlgraphics-commons.jar that is built especially for the two sub-projects.



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