Hi Jeremias,

I started to do this but if you prefer then be all means go ahead and revert yourself. The approach I took was to take a trunk checkout and then apply

svn merge -r603590:603589 .

This should give you all the changes between commits (as 603589 works ok, but 603590 is broken) and this should affect only the files in the 603590 commit you should keep all the new stuff in trunk.


Jeremias Maerki wrote:
FYI, I'm going to revert the AFP Renderer in Trunk to revision 601712
(the revision before 603590 (2007-12-12) which broke the AFP Renderer).
Obviously, I'll have to reapply some of the changes that were done
in the meantime (like the image integration or changes in
AbstractPathOrientedRenderer). I'll do this so I can prepare the 0.95
release candidate later this week without a broken AFP renderer.

Adrian, please continue working on the branch you've created. We can
merge it back into Trunk when you've fixed the AFP Renderer with the
GOCA addition.

Jeremias Maerki

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