I'm not really a fan of using system properties for specifying
command-line parameters for FOP. I'd rather have real parameters and
make use of the rendering options on the user agent. But the
functionality is certainly welcome. Please attach your patch to:

On 15.04.2008 17:54:23 Thomas Sporbeck wrote:
> Hello and sorry to annoy anyone by using this mailing list.
> I'd just took a look on the PrintRenderer in the 0.95beta and I'm missing the 
> handling for -Dstart and -Dend and probably also for the -Deven-option (there 
> is only one commentary line "remove Page" in the "stopRenderer"-method).
> I've implemented this (and added another option to define the print-service) 
> in java 1.4 using the PageRanges-Attribute in javax.print.attributes.standard 
> and wanted to ask if that would be of general interest.
> It is only about a few lines of code and if java 1.3 is no longer supported 
> it would be easy to do.
> Thomas

Jeremias Maerki

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