Jeremias Maerki wrote:
> Hmm, I cannot reproduce that. The command-line mentions missing fonts to
> me. I don't expect differences between the font substitution warning and
> the "auto table" warning.
> C:\Dev\FOP\main\trunk-clean>fop -fo -pdf out.pdf
> 18.04.2008 11:24:13 processEvent
> WARNUNG: The following feature isn't implemented by Apache FOP, yet: 
> table-layout="auto" (on fo:table) (Siehe Position 13:17)
> 18.04.2008 11:24:14 processEvent
> WARNUNG: Font "blech,normal,400" not found. Substituting with 
> "any,normal,400".

Can you try again after removing the table warning? When I added a table
with auto layout in my test file, all of the warnings suddenly appear,
including the font-related ones. I suspect some initialization is not
done when only font-related warnings must be produced.


> On 18.04.2008 11:07:08 Vincent Hennebert wrote:
>> Jeremias,
>> When I specify an unknown font family in my FO file and launch FOP with
>> the command line it no longer warns me that the font was substituted
>> with “any,normal,400”. Is that to be expected?
>> I get the other warnings (auto table layout unsupported, for example) as
>> usual, though.
>> Thanks,
>> Vincent
> Jeremias Maerki

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