Just a small addition to Andreas’ answer:

Andreas Delmelle wrote:
> On Apr 30, 2008, at 07:40, HLeonardi wrote:
> Hi
>>>> Which version are you using?
>>> - Fop 0.95b crashes. Here is the reason :
>>> org.apache.fop.fo.ValidationException: Error(64/33374): column-number or
>>> number of cells in the row overflows the number of fo:table-column
>>> specified for the table.
> This is a known change in FOP 0.95. Where 0.93 simply crashed with a
> vague error message, 0.94 rendered a wrong result, but 0.95 now tells
> you exactly what the problem is.
> Somewhere in your FO, there is a fo:table-row with more fo:table-cells
> than there are columns in the table.
> The only valid solution is to alter the FO (or the stylesheet), so it
> does not contain such rows.

You have two possibilities actually: either you make sure no row
contains more cells than the declared number of columns, or you remove
the fo:table-column elements completely; then FOP (0.95beta and later)
will automatically compute the number of columns necessary to render the
table. At a performance cost, obviously.

BTW, this kind of question would better be asked on the fop-users
mailing list next times. Thanks :-)


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