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Author: adelmelle
Date: Thu May  1 14:34:19 2008
New Revision: 652673

URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewvc?rev=652673&view=rev
First steps towards fo:retrieve-table-marker

FWIW: I decided to finally look into this, as I've been noticing increasing demands for a port of 0.20.5's table-continuation extension.

I already noticed some flaws and dirt in what I committed earlier; cleanup to follow as soon as SVN commit is restored.

After this commit, the node is completely implemented on the fo-tree side, but still lacks a backing implementation in the layout engine. It does not yet generate any LayoutManagers (see modification to LayoutManagerMapping.java) In theory, everything is in place for the RetrieveTableMarker to behave in exactly the same way as a RetrieveMarker.

Currently, a RetrieveMarker is intercepted and resolved in AbstractLayoutManager.createChildLMs(). I'm not sure yet if this suffices for a RetrieveTableMarker. Probably not...

Resolution for regular RetrieveMarkers is ultimately triggered by StaticContentLM.getNextKnuthElements(), which in turn is called when finishing a page. At that point, the areas for the region-body's content will all have been added to the page, together with any associated fo:markers.

It seems that, at least for retrieve-position-within-table="page", communication/interaction with the PageBreaker/PageSequenceLM is necessary.

Any thoughts?



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