On May 2, 2008, at 18:47, Adrian Cumiskey wrote:
I'm guessing by "flaws and dirt" you are referring to the broken junit test in FOTreeTestSuite due to fo:retrieve-table-marker being a child of fo:block in test/fotree/testcases/table_retrieve-table- marker.fo.

Indeed. The reason is I forgot to commit a small change to FObj to recognize the retrieve-table-marker as a 'neutral' item. Other flaws include the use of marker-class-name, where the actual property is retrieve-class-name... :/

Anyway, should be corrected after r652821.

Spec states: "An fo:retrieve-table-marker is only permitted as the descendant of an fo:table-header or fo:table-footer or as a child of fo:table in a position where fo:table-header or fo:table-footer is permitted."

Currently, only the latter part is not yet implemented. The implementation will cause an error if you use a fo:retrieve-table- marker outside of fo:table-header or fo:table-footer.

It seems FOP is enforcing this. Would be good if you could fix this as I am ready to commit some of my own work to trunk but ideally would like to have a clean junit run before doing so.

Should be possible now.



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