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--- Comment #8 from Andreas L. Delmelle <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>  2008-05-04 
10:54:00 PST ---
In the meantime, managed to track down the source of the problem with
Nothing inherently wrong with the hyphenation loop itself. After the
hyphenation-points have been determined, and the updates are processed is where
it goes wrong.

See LineLayoutManager.findHyphenationPoints(), second main loop. For each
Paragraph, the corresponding TextLayoutManager.applyChanges() and
.getChangedKnuthElements() are used.
Checking the implementations for those latter two methods reveals that they do
not take into account that they can be called multiple times for the same
instance. The former always sets the 'returnedIndex' member to 0, which leads
to the duplication if the latter is called twice. Each subparagraph in the main
paragraph is replaced by a copy of the main paragraph...

Now still looking for a solution :/

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