On May 29, 2008, at 12:03, Vincent Hennebert wrote:

Max Berger wrote:

indeed. To support proper character auto-selection I've modified the
default to include the symbol and zapf-dingbats fonts, as they contain
many characters normally not found in the default fonts.

I hope I'll have time to continue this work soon (can't promise anything

Ok, no problem. I just thought I’d make sure the issue was known.

Yep, it doesn't seem to be a big issue. IIC, it is simply a result of the fact that CommonFont tries to get FontTriplets for all (explicitly or implicitly) specified fonts. Since neither of the two symbol fonts have 'bold' variants, this warning will be issued, even though neither of the fonts is actually used/needed further on.

If it does bother anyone, it would suffice to override font-family on the fo:root, and set it to a single value.

According to the Recommendation, the initial value for font-family is left up to the user agent anyway. One possible idea for adding some flexibility would be to make it a configurable option. Should be fairly straightforward, after modifying FOUserAgent to take the option into account and offer an accessor.

And then again, maybe that approach could be made more generic, as there are other properties for which the default value is UA- dependent in some way. Seems worthwhile to explore the idea of adding a unified approach to specifying their initial values through the UA- configuration...



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