actually I had the same reservations (especially about the "last element", and if you have a real problem with this feel free to revert this patch. Maybe we could write a simple helper method instead?

static Element getLastElement(List l) ?

Would that disperse your concerns?

Why I did it: For the exact reason that the interface is more convenient. You are only partially right that LinkedList is the most efficient interface: I was digging through the LayoutCode, and found places where a single element list is created:

LinkedList l = new LinkedList()
return l.

In this case, Collections.singletonList() is MUCH more effective. AAMOF, on all list where you know the size beforehand (most cases in the layout, becasue you know that x elemnets are going to result in x layoutElements) arrayList is more effective.

Background: I discovered that passing back multiple LayoutContexts is not as easy as I thought, and I need to do some refactoring in the layout code to ensure this is possible - therefore this (and the last cleanup). I really need to make the code easier to read before I can change it.


Am 09.06.2008 um 16:40 schrieb Jeremias Maerki:

Frankly, I'm less than thrilled. I appreciate the good will behind this but I'd have appreciated some advance warning, too. My concern is that:
-        ListElement last = (ListElement)contentList.getLast();

is much easier to read and write than:

+        ListElement last = (ListElement) contentList
+                .get(contentList.size() - 1);

When working with element lists constructs like the above are everywhere. A linked list IS the most efficient data structure for element lists. I
generally support using the generic type instead of the specific class
(i.e. List instead of ArrayList), but LinkedList is adding some often
used methods for element lists which improve code readability. I'm
curious what other committers think about this.

On 09.06.2008 16:25:29 Adrian Cumiskey wrote:
This is really good Max, really appreciate what you are trying to do here. It must have been quite
boring and laborious...  but great cleanup work :).

Author: maxberger
Date: Mon Jun  9 07:15:38 2008
New Revision: 665699

Replaced LinkedList with generic List interface


Jeremias Maerki

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