Am 15.06.2008 um 13:25 schrieb Andreas Delmelle:
Now, while I'm at it, I'm wondering whether it would be a good idea to have FOText implement Java 1.4's java.lang.CharSequence interface. This would mean that FOText gets a few extra methods (charAt(), length() and subSequence()), allowing us to use it in other parts of the code in the same fashion as a String or StringBuffer. The toString() method would need to be altered to follow the definition as specified in the API docs (i.e. only output the text-content).

Any opinions on this? (or more importantly: Any objections?)

Not at all. I am still working my way through the Layout code, trying to get the alignmentContext to work, so any reduction / simplification in this respect would only make it easier.

As for the implementation of the interface: If the "subSequence" is never used, then it is probably a good idea to implement if by throwing an "UnsupportedOperationException", as this operation seems very complex and there'd be no point implementing it unless it is used.



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