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>Van: Max Berger [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
>Verzonden: zondag, juni 15, 2008 01:38 PM

Hi Max

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>Not at all. I am still working my way through the Layout code, trying
>to get the alignmentContext to work, so any reduction / simplification  
>in this respect would only make it easier.

OK, thanks for the feedback.

>As for the implementation of the interface: If the "subSequence" is
>never used, then it is probably a good idea to implement if by
>throwing an "UnsupportedOperationException", as this operation seems
>very complex and there'd be no point implementing it unless it is used.

Actually, the direction I'm going with this is to make FOText a proxy to its 
CharBuffer, so all the methods' implementations (including subSequence()) would 
not be overly complicated (just delegate it to the CharBuffer, which also 
happens to be a CharSequence). OTOH, there does indeed not seem to be any 
immediate use for it further downstream... I'll see.

Thanks again!



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