Chris recently mentioned my interleaved page and linbreaking branch as
an active branch. I have not been very active recently.

One reason is that I got stuck with block containers. FOP's approach
is to collect Knuth elements for a block list, doing line breaking at
the same time, and then do the page breaking. I do a similar thing,
but do line breaking not in the collection phase but in the page
breaking phase. For block containers this has the consequence that its
block lists have to be collected in the overall collection phase, but
that its page breaking has to be postponed to the overall page
breaking phase. I was not very successful in separating these two
phases. And I started to question this idea, because in the end we
want to integrate element collection and page and line breaking, not
separate them.

The other reason is that Vincent is working on his approach, which is a
step further towards the eventual goal. Therefore it makes no sense to
work further on my own approach, the more so since he can spend much
more time to his approach.

The final reason is that I can spend far less time on FOP coding
during this summer.

I will spend what time I have on supporting Vincent's approach.

Regards, Simon

Simon Pepping
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