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--- Comment #4 from Adrian Cumiskey <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 2008-06-26 15:25:09 PST --- Thanks Andreas, that does seem to reproduce the problem! Boy thats a bad bug/limitation that has been lurking there since the beginning of time... A
253 char text block limit...

Indeed! :)
The fact that it has remained undetected for so long does say something about the average length of text-nodes in most general use cases... Not really new for me, as I have some statistics-gathering stylesheets that I run from time to time. The last similar one I remember was the 32K char-limit for TextLayoutLayoutManager due to the use of shorts as indexes into the FOText's char array. Also a low priority issue. Who on earth would need /that/ much characters? The bug-report was killer. When Jeremias asked to provide a test-file reproducing the issue, the reporter replied with a FO that simply contained TextLayoutManager.java, put inside a single fo:block... Great sense of humor! :-)

I haven't looked at the related code here yet, but purely from that number, I'd guess a byte is the source of the issue. 253 is pretty strange, though... Something like an array with Byte.MAX_VALUE elements, but the first and the last are unused (very wild guess?).



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