Vincent Hennebert schrieb:
While checking the website for the 0.95 release I stumbled upon this
“Areas of Expertise” table on the team.html page, and realised that some
inactive committers are still listed while some active committers
aren’t. I guess those inactive committers won’t mind if we replace their

I wouldn't mind...

columns with active ones, but in the end I wondered: is this table
really of any use?

I mean, at the beginning of this very page it’s explicitly stated that
committers shouldn’t be contacted personally, but that questions should
be asked on the fop-users mailing list instead. Depending on the
question the applicable committer will chime in anyway. Also, some
committers may not have any particular area of expertise and yet be
quite active. Should they have an empty column ;-) ?

Hence my suggestion: why wouldn’t we remove this table at all?

+1 for removing


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