+1 to removing it since it's not maintained...

On Thu, Jul 31, 2008 at 3:58 AM, Vincent Hennebert
> While checking the website for the 0.95 release I stumbled upon this
> "Areas of Expertise" table on the team.html page, and realised that some
> inactive committers are still listed while some active committers
> aren't. I guess those inactive committers won't mind if we replace their
> columns with active ones, but in the end I wondered: is this table
> really of any use?
> I mean, at the beginning of this very page it's explicitly stated that
> committers shouldn't be contacted personally, but that questions should
> be asked on the fop-users mailing list instead. Depending on the
> question the applicable committer will chime in anyway. Also, some
> committers may not have any particular area of expertise and yet be
> quite active. Should they have an empty column ;-) ?
> Hence my suggestion: why wouldn't we remove this table at all?
> Thanks,
> Vincent


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