On Oct 27, 2008, at 23:53, Dario Laera wrote:

Il giorno 27/ott/08, alle ore 18:53, Andreas Delmelle ha scritto:

Do you mean that this last try is /always/ performed (even when we already have a set of feasible breaks)?

It's not always performed (so it's formally correct), but in my tests it's rarely avoided, more precisely just once, with the file "my_franklin_rep-jus.fo" that is composed of many paragraph in 1 column with justified text. What I think (obviously, I may be wrong, as it has been proved in other mails ;) is that another intermediate try, with a judicious threshold, can be performed, leading to the same final result but with much better performance, if this intermediate try doesn't fail like the previous.

Have you investigated whether the column-balancing approach is of influence here? I mean: are there significant differences between using one narrower column (the same width you would get when using two columns, only it will roughly yield double the amount of pages).



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