Thanx for that. That did work for me. And with that I was able to find out
where the page numbers are put on the pdf. I changed the code to put custom
page numbers on the generated pdf.
Thanx for ur help.

Andreas Delmelle-2 wrote:
> On 17 Nov 2008, at 07:59, AshuSuri wrote:
> Hi
> Sorry, I posted a reply on fop-users@ (since fop-dev@ is not the  
> appropriate place for questions like these), but forgot to CC you and  
>> I am using FOP 0.95 to generate PDF and my input is xhtml file.FOP  
>> uses xalan
>> to create XSL-FO in the memory. There must be some class/method in  
>> FOP which
>> writes the page number at the footer of the PDF. I want to comment  
>> that code
>> so that PDF does not contain page number. But I dont know which  
>> method puts
>> page number on the PDF.
>> Any clue on this?
> You will have to study the stylesheet, and find out which xsl:template  
> is responsible for adding the fo:page-number element(s) to the output.  
> If you find out, then simply comment them out or delete them, and the  
> output will no longer contain page numbers.
> HTH!
> Cheers
> Andreas

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