--- Comment #25 from Jeremias Maerki <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>  2008-11-21 07:59:39 
PST ---
(In reply to comment #24)
> So, I replaced fop.jar and xmlgraphics-commons.jar with the new trunk version
> but the problem persists: the image cache retrieves the same (first) SVG.
> Putting back the 
>    FOP.clearImageCache();
> it works again.

I haven't applied the patch, yet. I was waiting for your feedback.

> (By the way with the new JARs I get lots of new errors and warnings, e.g.:
> WARNING T16: Ascender and descender together are larger than the em box. This
> could lead to a wrong baseline placement in Apache FOP.

That particular one is gone since yesterday in FOP Trunk.

> SEVERE  T16: Unsupported TrueType font: Unicode cmap table not present.
> Aborting
> WARNING T16: Unable to load font file: file:/C:/WINNT/FONTS/mapsym.ttf. 
> Reason:
> TrueType font is not supported:
> file:/C:/WINNT/FONTS/mapsym.ttf
> ...)

Those are normal and expected on a Windows machine. You've got font
auto-detection turned on, but FOP doesn't support all fonts it finds. Those
error and warnings are there to inform you which fonts could not be made
available inside FOP.

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