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Hi Alex,
attaching the image cache to the FOUserAgent doesn't make much sense IMO as you
cannot profit from cached images over multiple document runs. Usually, the
renderer itself already caches the image once per document. I don't think
there's a problem with cleanup, as you mention. We're using soft references: if
not enough memory is there, the images get automatically discarded. This is
well tested. Your suggestion about patterns to exclude certain URIs from
caching is an idea that could be investigated but I'm not sure it helps here. I
think it's better that we try this pre-resolution approach. I just have to find
some time and motivation to finish that.

Incidentally, the problem of the missing image that was replaced but then not
picked up by FOP has been solved a few days ago by:

Please check out XML Graphics Commons Trunk to see if your situation improves.

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