Hi Georg,

Georg Datterl wrote:
Hi Vincent,

Checkstyle says Processing xml and Loading stylesheet. I assume, that's a good 

Actually that would be easier for you if you could set it up in your 
development environment (which one are you using? You can have a look
there: http://wiki.apache.org/xmlgraphics-fop/FOPIDESetupGuide). There are 
currently something like 1,900 checkstyle warnings in the code base.
Obviously you would have to fix only the warnings that appear on the lines you 
modified, and it's easier done within an IDE.

IntelliJ and I did download the plugin, but it requires a restart of IntelliJ. 
And at the moment I have four open projects, one of which is running basically 
permanently since Friday, so I didn't want to restart.


As an alternative you can run 'ant checkstyle' on the command line, but then 
you will have to search through the results.

That's what I did, but I didn't find results. Only
JAI Support NOT Present
JUnit Support NOT Present - Committers are required to have JUnit working
XMLUnit Support NOT Present - you can get it from http://xmlunit.sourceforge.net

Hmmm, you should at least download JUnit and XMLUnit to be able to run
tests. Or, if you already have them, just add a symlink in FOP’s lib/
directory to the corresponding jar files.

Running Checkstyle 5.0-beta01 on 1106 files
Processing C:\Projekte\FOP\build\report_checkstyle.xml to C:\Projekte\FOP\build\report_checkstyle.html
Loading stylesheet 

Just see above: the report should be found at

Ant build completed successfully in 19s at 12:08:39

As a next step we also need to discuss the name of the property. Since this is 
an extension specific to FOP it needs to be in the 'fox:'
namespace. Also, maybe it would be slightly more intuitive to give it a name such that the default value would be false, and that you have to explicitly set it to true to override the default behaviour. So something like fox:do-no-balance-columns-before... but much more concise!

How about fox:disable-balancer

I like this one; or maybe fox:disable-column-balancing. (BTW, if you
could make the necessary changes to the patch to move the handling of
this property to the extension mechanism that would be great.)

or fox:restrict-to-first-column? Although that does not completely describe it. 

No, because it’s acceptable to have content on two columns. It’s just
the balancing mechanism that should be disabled, really.

How about a contest? Until Friday we wait for suggestions, over the weekend I run a poll and in the documentation I write:
// name provided by <whoever>
// bugs provided by georg datterl

That way we would even see who else reads our thread. :-)

Excellent suggestion :-D


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