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bonekrusher wrote:
Is there a free version of IntelliJ IDEA? And does IntelliJ IDEA have a
benefits over Netbeans (free!)

It has huge benefits... Specially to hard core Java programmers (which I'm not, I've just the weird opinion of using the best tool available if possible).

I can't compare to Netbeans, since I've never used that.
AFAIK, IntelliJ IDEA is based on Eclipse, so obviously has many things in common. Out of the box though, Eclipse is meant for pure Java development. There are some editions available (also payware) that include features for development with other or derived languages. IntelliJ IDEA has those too (assistance for JSP, HTML, XML, Javascript etc.)

I have the feeling it integrates a little better with the native look- and-feel of your OS than Eclipse does. I have absolutely no reason to dislike Eclipse, but still I like IntelliJ better, so far.

And isn't exactly free... but...

And for FOP developers, which is a Open Source project... (or sub project) you may even be able to get some licenses for free... (perhaps the lead manager can check that for all the current developers hehehe, just an idea... got it... idea lol, I'm in a strange mood today)

Indeed. Being a committer on an Open Source project will offer you the option of evaluating it for a year (instead of the regular 30 days). I had been using IntelliJ 7 with such a license, and was inclined to buy it when the license expired. The people at Jetbrains were kind enough to offer me another year for free (probably because version 8 was just released at that point)



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