After seeing the rant of a lead developer in OpenOffice about the lack of external developers, this is indeed refreshing (as always, FOP dev community rocks really hard)...

This kind of documents is somewhat fundamental for getting new blood into the trenches... IMHO...


(and helps a lot to get people like me, that use FOP as a final product/library to investigate it's code base)

Andreas Delmelle wrote:
On 03 Jan 2009, at 23:32, wrote:

Andreas Delmelle wrote:

Does anyone use IntelliJ IDEA that could update this entry with a similar guide prety pls?

I'll see if I can take care of that in the near future, although I must admit that I simply started off importing an Eclipse project. Never did try a clean checkout, so it may be that my setup is far from an optimal one...

No rush... (I'm starting now a project that will take a bit before I've time to try hack FOP)

FWIW: I've already added a step-by-step for a very basic setup to a separate page on the Wiki. (The page was getting rather big, so it may be worthwhile to split it up into one for each IDE...)

Still lacking some screenshots. Those will be added in the coming days. I'll probably also be adding some more info about configuration setup (for running/debugging).



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