On 06 Feb 2009, at 23:29, Andreas Delmelle wrote:

+ * [JM] XSL defines {{{xml:lang}}} as a shorthand for {{{country}}}/{{{language}}}/{{{script}}}. So both are equivalent from a user's perspective. It should be verified that {{{xml:lang}}} is properly mapped to the other three properties. Internally, the code should work off the basic XSL properties, not the shorthand.

FWIW: I think I have made sure at one point that the mapping of xml:lang to country/language should work (see a.o. org.apache.fop.fo.properties.XMLLangShorthandParser). The mapping to 'script' is not yet implemented.

Just did a quick re-read of the definition, and it seems that 'script' is at most indirectly set by xml:lang (implied by country/language). The xml:lang property itself only consists of <language-country>. Literally, the XSL-FO Rec mentions (7.31.24): "XSL treats xml:lang as a shorthand and uses it to set the country and language properties.


In general, linguistic services (line-justification strategy, line- breaking and hyphenation) may depend on a combination of the "language", "script", and "country" properties."



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