On 07 Feb 2009, at 08:33, Jeremias Maerki wrote:

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In theory, we always have access to the
specified value on fo:root,

...if the user bothered to specify it there...

Yep, can be convenient, since inheritance makes sure that you don't need to specify it one every page-sequence separately.

but accessing that from the renderer
context may get a bit messy (it exists only in the
'currentPropertyList' that is available in FOTreeBuilder)

We can always expose the values from org.apache.fop.fo.pagination.Root
(by adding property variable and adjusting bind()). Not messy at all I
would think. But that would be a proprietary extension.

Indeed. Never even occurred to me to do it that way. Very simple indeed. :-)

If possible I think we should stick to the above rule: Use the first
page-sequence for the document language. That should cover 99% of the
cases and follows the spec as I understand it. And if anyone needs a
different document-level language, we can simply expose language/ country
on fo:root, right?

Right. The only small hole in the rule, is when the user specifies a different language on the root and the first page-sequence. Unless the values on the root are exposed, we would not easily be able to distinguish between them.



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