Jeremias Maerki wrote:

Hi Jeremias,

I've written a short report on the performance of the new Intermediate
Format. The numbers show that the goals have been met. It's also
interesting to look at from a general perspective. I'm sure there could
be a lot more that I could have written and shown but at some point I
had to warp it up. I hope I didn't leave out anything crucial.

Thanks for preparing the report. I agree with your conclusion, the new Intermediate Format is a big improvement over the old. I hope that after the new release we can consider dropping the old Renderers as supporting both is a big burden for the the project.

My next step is to try to meet Vincent's high coding standards (although
that's probably a lost cause for me) and then to get the approval for
the merge into trunk.

Have a good weekend,
Jeremias Maerki



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