So here's what I would propose to do with this patch:

- 7 new classes
- 2 new other files (XSLT stylesheets)
- 88 modified files

While this is totally new functionality it doesn't represent a full new
subsystem and the 9 new files, while essential, are making up the
smaller part of the patch. So I don't think the patch needs to go
through IP clearance. Probably a border case, though.

However, I would like to place the changes in a temporary branch (a
branch off the IF branch) to work on a few things I'd like changed. I'll
attach the details to the Bugzilla entry. That way, we can vote on the
IF branch merge into trunk now. And while that happens I can freely work
on the changes I have in mind and we can do another vote when the
accessibility functionality is ready for the merge into Trunk.

Any objections to that?

BTW, I'm still waiting for Jost's ICLA to be recorded. Before that
happens we cannot do anything. But in the meantime, maybe Jost will post
an updated patch with a fix for the problem Chris encountered.

Jeremias Maerki

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