--- Comment #11 from Jeremias Maerki <>  2009-02-18 01:20:59 
PST ---
Jost asked me off-list about my opinion on Vincent's feedback. I'll put it
here. Generally good input. The merging of TransformerNode and
TransformerNodeEndProcessing is probably a matter of taste. I personally prefer
keeping the general functionality seperate from the concrete functionality of
the subclass. As mentioned before, I'd like to put this new code into a branch
before putting it in Trunk. So we can also address these points in a second
step. I assume we all agree that this is great new functionality and if it's
applied now (in a separate branch) we can all help improve the whole thing
rather than off-loading so many little things on Jost. He can of course
continue to send follow-up patches.

On Andreas' comments: I didn't realize that the spec says to initialize the
"id" property to an initial value. Of course, it would make sense to use that
instead of the foi:ptr. I am, however, concerned about the performance
implications for a collision detection which I don't think should be ignored.
Also, the area tree and AT XML will increase in size of all elements have IDs.
BTW, Andreas' proposal for adding the IDs is not entirely correct. Not all FO
element take an "id" property. Maybe this should be done inside the FO tree
instead of the addPtr.xsl.

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