On 23 Mar 2009, at 19:44, Vincent Hennebert wrote:

It should have been indented 8 spaces instead of 4, like indicated a bit
further down in the same document.

... and then it doesn't 'look' nice anymore. I agree.

But since FOP’s checkstyle
conventions allow lines of up to 100 characters, the line break could
simply be removed.

100 chars makes sense. Just noticed that this is still comfortable in an IDE (if the font-size is not too large). Just hate horizontal scrolling... :-)

80 chars perhaps still points to old terminal screens or program- listings, where you get line-wrapping, which makes it all very difficult to read. Not that I can remember ever having sent a FOP source file to the printer, but anyway...

Admitted, that's a bit of a stretch, since after your change the line is
only 81 chars... :-)

Just want to avoid that commits are done and redone, and redone...

Since I was going to make the commit for the eol-style property anyway,
I thought I’d include this small fix as well.

OK, thanks.

Checked in the meantime, and I had only set 'svn:keywords' for XML sources. Changed now, so shouldn't happen anymore.



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