--- Comment #3 from Andreas L. Delmelle <>  2009-03-23 
16:00:24 PST ---
Locally refactored the methods PageBreaker.doPhase3With...() into one
restartAt() method.

Besides the fact that one slightly larger method body saves about 20 lines in
total of essentially duplicate code, this seems to give me a better view on a
possible fix. With a bit of perspective, since it becomes apparent that we can
basically restart from any given part, and given one extra flag maybe even
temporarily disable or bypass addAreas() for the last part, if necessary.

For the moment, the fix could be to temporarily store the blockLists for that
last part, to include later with the next sequence. Right now, areas are always
added for the whole list. 
This should be made conditional: if there is a last page-master, and there's
more content to follow, then only add the areas up to the last break. The rest
of the original list should be retained, to be prepended to the following set
of block-lists.

Basically the same thing as what happens for the last page right now, but
instead of adding the areas, somehow carry the elements over to the next
One question mark: will the info regarding span changes be carried over
(easily) too...? This might need some additional thought/work.

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