--- Comment #5 from Andreas L. Delmelle <>  2009-03-28 
08:13:06 PST ---

Studying the effects of using a deferred block list, it is definitely not
enough to simply carry those blocks over. Since they were created under the
assumption of, say, 2-column layout, that number could change for the last

What we would actually need is not to defer the block lists, but somehow pass
the message to the FlowLayoutManager that it needs to generate the element
list, starting from the position corresponding to the first block in the
deferred list. Only then are we certain that the line boxes will have a width
corresponding to the narrower column-width.

Then again, this would only solve the problem in case of a restart due to a
last-page condition or a span change. I'm suddenly not so certain if FOP
currently deals gracefully with the case of alternating page-masters with
different column-count... Judging from the code, I'd say it doesn't (?) 
Going to check that, and will report back here.

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