there was no technical discussion there, don't worry. This was about
Vincent and me disagreeing on expectations on the lengths we should go
to for code beautification. It was also about how we talk to each other.
I took this to private@ because I didn't want to pollute this list with
yet another fight (see fop-dev archives, too). There was also no real
resolution of the conflict, only a privately negotiated cease-fire that
didn't really work out for me. Thus my timeout from FOP [1].

[1] http://markmail.org/message/fonqe4txsf3w72eg

Technical discussions on FOP will always remain in the open on fop-dev.
Period. You can count on that.

On 11.05.2009 10:05:52 jcumps wrote:
> Team,
> Can the discussion of project expectation be held on fop-dev@ in stead of on 
> private@ , if this is related to the future development of FOP?
> Regards,
> Jan Cumps 

Jeremias Maerki

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