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Hi Vincent

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Maybe nothing, since the check will always return false (should be
caught during FO tree validation, but then there's relaxed validation...).

o.a.fop.fo.pagination.Flow explicitly checks that every child element is
a block-level element, even in relaxed validation mode. Also, after
replacing the log with a ‘throw new IllegalStateException()’ the whole
test suite ran without any problem. So I considered it safe to remove.

OK. The only thing I remembered about the check, was modifying it when implementing fo:wrappers as direct children of the fo:flow, but as I read it now, it seems like that could indeed only happen if the FO is invalid, and so the check is obsolete.

All the other changes receive my blessing! :-)

Thanks for double-checking!

Also, no problem! I have a lot more of those cleanups following shortly (removal of superfluous code, renaming stray Hungarians...), in the classes affected by the column-keeps patch. AFAICT from your commits, the conflicts should be minimal, if any.

Just mentioning this so you're aware. If you find anything dubious, chances are that I've already changed it locally, and it will be committed to the trunk pretty soon.



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