--- Comment #34 from Andreas L. Delmelle <>  2009-07-03 
12:51:41 PST ---
OK, /almost/ there. All existing testcases pass now. The cause of the last
failed testcase (region-body_column-count_3.xml), had something to do with
Since the keep-implementation causes generation of KnuthPenalty elements with a
break-class "auto", it is now possible for the condition at line 474 to
evaluate to true, but then further on, on line 483 the breakVal is not -1 as it
used to be, so the check returns false and we generate a new flow for the
second column, instead of a whole new page.

Will post the updated patch asap.

Afterwards, I think we may just as well go ahead and commit. After all, the
failing added test is not a very common use-case, and could, for the moment, be
noted as a known limitation.

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