--- Comment #32 from Jeremias Maerki <>  2009-07-30 06:37:10 
PST ---
Thanks for the new patch, Peter. I've taken a look and found a few issues. I've
already started fixing them. Among them:
- In the Wiki I've switched the meaning for crop-offset to align with what
AntennaHouse did (see their illustration): crop-offset expands from the
TrimBox, not the BleedBox. That is currently not reflected in the code, so I'll
change that, too, if there's no opposition.
- In the AWT preview, the positioning wasn't ok, yet, when there's a bleed or
- The Java2DRenderer generates an ugly page border which I've disabled locally.
Not sure why we even had that in place. It doesn't make much sense.
- Also, I've changed the background painting in the Java2DRenderer to use the
BleedBox instead of the page size.

Otherwise, the patch makes a good impression. The whole thing is now very
intuitive to use, just like I imagined it should be. I'll just allow some time
for additional feedback from others. In the meantime, I'll finish the changes
to the patch I've started and finally commit the whole thing. BTW, I've also
written a little demo FO which demonstrates the features and how I would go
about doing crop marks with SVG. I'll commit that after the patch is processed.

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