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Sign up for ApacheCon US by 14 August and save up to $500!

This year's ApacheCon US promises to deliver our most extensive program to 
date, and largest anticipated gathering of the global Apache community to 
celebrate the ASF's milestone 10th Anniversary. The San Francisco Bay Area is 
where the very first ASF official user conference was held, and we hope that 
you will join us in celebrating the ASF's success! 

Apache members, code contributors, users, developers, system administrators, 
business managers, service providers, and vendors will convene 2-6 November in 
Oakland, California, for a week of training, presentations, sharing and 
hacking. ApacheCon US 2009 features new content tracks, MeetUps, and 
GetTogethers, as well as a number of events open to the public free of charge, 
such as the Hackathon and 2-day BarCampApache, in appreciation of their support 
over the past decade.

Be sure to register by 14 August to save up to $500! To sign up, visit 

Those wishing to attend ApacheCon, but may be unable to do so due to financial 
reasons are encouraged to apply for Travel Assistance by completing the form at 
http://www.apache.org/travel/ Financial support for flights, accommodation, 
subsistence, and conference fees are availablAnyone involved in Open Source is 
welcome to apply for financial support for flights, accommodation, subsistence 
and Conference fees. Hurry, applications close on 17 August.

Conference sponsor, exhibitor, and community partnerships are also available: 
please contact Delia Frees at de...@apachecon.com for details.

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