Hi Jonathan,

Jonathan Levinson wrote:
> Hi Vincent,
> Excellent ideas!  
> The diagram you drew is extremely useful!
> If the font shorthand sub-language has a grammar that is regular then it also 
> has a grammar that is LL(1).  So recursive descent parsing will work, if 
> there is a regular grammar.
> I think the best way of getting font shorthand to work would proceed in 
> stages:
> 1) First get the current code to properly parse and accept valid font 
> shorthand expressions.  This should be very easy.  The one remaining problem 
> (AFAIK) is the parsing of font-size/line-height where /line-height is 
> optional.   Currently spaces are not allowed around the slash "/" and they 
> should be.  I'm going to try to get to this problem as soon as I have time, 
> probably in a day or so.

The current code predates the switch to Java 1.4 as a minimum
requirement, so couldn’t use the java.util.regex package. Feel free to
make use of regular expressions if you think that will make the job

> 2) Evaluate which parser or automaton approach is the simplest and produces 
> better error states than the current approach.  
> 3) Implement the approach one has chosen in (2).

Good luck!



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