Hi Alexander,

Alexander Kiel wrote:
> Hi Vincent,
>> I see. I had in mind to use OpenTypeDataInputStream as the common
>> interface. It actually makes sense to use ImageInputStream instead.
>> Simpler and just as flexible. That will add a direct dependency on
>> a class in the javax.imageio package, but this is not a problem as it is
>> part of the standard library. That ImageInputStream interface is
>> unfortunately named really.
> What did you mean with your last sentence? That ImageInputStream isn't
> named good?

Yes. AFAICT its methods have nothing to do with images. This interface
should probably have been given a more neutral name.

>>>>>> - does the use of serializable objects make sense? What would be more
>>>>>>   efficient: re-parsing font data all the time or re-loading
>>>>>>   serializable object representation of them?
>>>>> You mean the font metrics XML files? I've alwas asking me for what
>>>>> propose they are there. No, I don't think, we need this. I really don't
>>>>> want to serialize the Advanced OpenType Features! It took me already a
>>>>> good amount of code to parse just a bit of it.
>>>> What I meant was to use the java.io.Serializable interface. I don’t
>>>> indeed think XML representations are any useful, apart maybe for
>>>> debugging purpose or to have a more human-readable version of the font
>>>> file.
>>>> IIC there would be next to nothing to do to cache Serializable objects
>>>> on the hard drive and retrieve them?
>>> Hmmm. Ok. But if we want to use Serializable for that, your classes have
>>> to be very stable. Versioning the Serializable stuff is a real burden in
>>> my opinion. So we will need a cache which detects version changes and
>>> invalidate the objects if so. Do you know such a lib?
>> I was thinking that just catching the InvalidClassException when reading
>> the object would be enough to conclude that the cache is no longer valid
>> and must be re-created. Maybe I’m wrong? I must confess that I have no
>> experience with serialization.
> Yes this could work. But I find it always difficult and time consuming
> to design classes for serialization. And reading the serialized version
> is most likely not much faster than reading the actual OpenType file. So
> I would really want to wait until we have a real performance problem.

Sure. Nothing wrong with that.


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