Hi Vincent,

I've take a look this morning and it looks good from the testing I've done - it really increases the PDF file size though! :). +1 from me.


Chris Bowditch wrote:
Vincent Hennebert wrote:

Hi Vincent,

Work on PDF accessibility is basically done. There are still some tests
to perform and maybe a few tweaks here and there, but the main
functionality is in place.

Thanks for all your hard work getting this feature debugged and cleaned up.

So I’d like to start a vote for merging the branch back to the Trunk:

The vote will last the usual 3 days but, since it’s a non-trivial new
feature, if any committer would like more time to review it, feel free
to say so and we can extend the vote to 1 week.

Attached is the diff between the branch and the Trunk, if this is of any

+1 from me.

I've done some local testing with the branch just now and it seems to work, so +1 from me.



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