Domján Gergő wrote:

Hi Everyone,

Hi Domjan,

I think, I have found a bug.
I want to use FOP to convert xsl-fo files into txt files with layout.

I experienced, that the layout is distorted because the max column number is set to 80 by default. I wanted to change this value using a config xml ( fop -c cfg.xml), so I took the example config xml (distribution 0.95, {fop-dir}/conf/fop.xconf).

It contains this section:

    <renderer mime="text/plain">
      <pageSize columns="80"/>


This would be exactly what I need, and because this section, I think, FOP is supposed to read this information from the configuration xml and not only to work with the default value. The problem is, that the application is not reading this config information from the config file.

That's right. It is not sufficient to simply add new XML elements into the config and hope that FOP somehow applies this value to the output. You have to make FOP read the element by changing the code. This is done fairly eaily in the configure method of class TXTRendererConfigurator. Then you have to make sure the value extracted there is applied to the output which in some cases is less trivial.

Than I validated the config file I built, and according to the latest .xsd (, No 731248),
it is not valid, the "pageSize" element does not exist.

Can You please advise, how to set default column number to higher or could anyone please add this functionality/fix this bug?


Thank You


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