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Jeremias Maerki wrote:
Hi Venkat

Actually, with AFP, I'm not sure it would be a good idea to enable CMYK
support by default. Some AFP implementations don't even support RGB
colors. And CMYK images are only supported with FS42 and FS45 IOCA
function sets which haven't always been there and are not supported by
every AFP environment. I understand the intention behind your post, but
I would vote for leaving it like this in the case of AFP.

On 15.01.2010 15:25:51 Venkat Reddy wrote:

I am trying to generate AFP output document from a XSL:FO input document having a CMYK color image in it.
I have changed the configuratin (fop.xconf) to the following

    <images mode="color"/>

When i generate the AFP document, the CMYK image is converted to RGB image, because I haven't set the "cmyk=true" in the above images tag.

We are checking the property "cmyk" in AFPRendererConfigurator for the value (true/false), if not assigning the default 'false'.

          if (IMAGES_MODE_COLOR.equals(imagesMode)) {

            boolean cmyk = imagesCfg.getAttributeAsBoolean("cmyk", false);

I think, by default we should set this property 'cmyk' to true instead of false. When I pass the CMYK image without this property, the image is converted to RGB, which I don't want to happen unless I set the property to false.

Please pass your comments on this....


Jeremias Maerki

Thanks for your quick reply.
I understood your point, more over the configuration is only one additional step in case user wants to render CMYK color images.
So, I will be not making any changes regarding this.


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