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Thanks for your feedback. We're in agreement, it seems.

(In reply to comment #4)
> I agree with all of your suggestions.  Before you go ahead and commit I wonder
> how easy it is to configure fop to not embed the font.  Is much dev work
> required do you think?  In
> it is claimed that not supplying an embed-url attribute directs fop not to
> embed the font, but this is not so,  and in fact, fop never seems to have a
> chance at setting the embeddable flag on an AFP font.  When
> AFPRendererConfigurator constructs the font instance it could set the flag 
> then
> based on an attribute, but what other information is needed?  When I manually
> set embeddable to false the rendered AFP only declares the font resource and
> the code page in the MCF structured field.  I have not tried printing yet (Our
> afp printer is playing up for me today) or checked the spec to see if this is
> ok.  If you happen to know that it should work we could perhaps add a
> boolean-like attribute to the font attribute (respected when type="CIDKeyed" 
> or
> all AFP?) and call AFPFont.setEmbeddable() upon creation (or pass a 
> constructor
> arg). Otherwise I guess this would be a  future unit work.

AFP Font referencing should work via the mechanism described under:
At least, I've tested that with outline and bitmap fonts at some point.
However, we need to see what happens in the case of CIDKeyed because of the
MapCodedFont object. I'll do a test.

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