Hi Max,

Thanks for your response.

I am looking for the classes and methods responsible in handling CMYK color images for PDF Renderer. If you know the classes and methods used in this regard, please mention them in your reply.


Max Berger wrote:
Dear Venkat,

in PDF, we actually try not to do the conversion of color spaces, but
rather (if possible), keep the original color space.

PDF has the possibility to add color space for images, and if a color
space was defined in the original image, AND the image loader was able
to keep the information, the image is written into the PDF with the
color space info attached.

AFAIK, the only image readers able to handle color space correctly are
PNG and JPEG. All other image readers default to RGB.

With JPEG, the image is kept in a "raw" format, and embedded into the
pdf as-is, without even decoding it fully.


2010/2/15 Venkat Reddy <vanukuri.ven...@googlemail.com>:

I am still looking for the response from the fop-dev team regarding the
attached mail.
Thanks for your replies in advance.



Can anyone know the classes and methods deals with the CMYK colored Images
for PDF Renderer?

I want to know, where exactly the conversion taking palce between RGB and
CMYK color spaces.
I have already worked with AFP and PS renderers for CMYK colored images,
these renderers will use ImageEncodingHelper (XMLGraphicsCommons class) to
render the respective
document with colored images. I thought the same class (ImageEncodingHelper)
is not being used for PDF Renderer.

Can someone give me an idea? where this coversion is taking place?


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