Hi Adrian,

Sorry for my late response.

Can you help me with the upload of the file? Where can I do that?
I'm new to bugzilla & co...

I only know how to work with subversion, cvs etc.


Am 27.02.2010 14:56, schrieb Adrian Cumiskey:
Hi Lars,

That great :-)..  Its simple then, submit a patch file containing your
changes ar http://issues.apache.org/bugzilla/enter_bug.cgi?product=Fop.
  Its helpful if you can prefix the subject of your submission with
"[PATCH]" so its easier to identify.  Also please try to follow the
coding conventions
(http://xmlgraphics.apache.org/fop/dev/conventions.html).  I'll be happy
to process your patch.


On 27 February 2010 12:25, Lars Plessmann (2-ways)
<lars.plessm...@2-ways.eu <mailto:lars.plessm...@2-ways.eu>> wrote:

    Hi Adrian,

    the servlet changes are already done by myself. But I'd need to
    commit the changes.

    The changes with the markes would be new for me...

    mit besten Grüßen,
    Lars Plessmann

    2 ways(r)
    c/o: lars plessmann
    staatl. gepr. informatiker
    hintere zollamtsstr. 3/II/31
    1030 vienna

    mobile  (AT) +43 650 65 268 65
    mobile  (DE) +49 173 49 111 97
    fon/fax (AT) +43 1 90 72 578

    lars.plessm...@2-ways.eu <mailto:lars.plessm...@2-ways.eu>

    Am 27.02.2010 13:15, schrieb Adrian Cumiskey:

        Hi Lars,

        Well you can approach one of the FOP committers and ask if we
        can help
        with the implementation.  Unfortunately I am a little
        over-committed on
        other projects at the moment.  I could help you with the servlet
        but I'm not sure I would have time at the moment to be able to
        help with
        your table marker requirements (this will not be trivial task).  I'm
        sure others will be in touch on/offline.

        Best of luck,


        On 27 February 2010 08:25, Lars Plessmann (2-ways)
        <lars.plessm...@2-ways.eu <mailto:lars.plessm...@2-ways.eu>
        <mailto:lars.plessm...@2-ways.eu>>> wrote:

            Hi FOP Developers!

            I need to implemente new features in apache fop (especially
        the servlet)
            Maybe you like to add these changes to the repository?

            A very important feature for me would be:
            Sending a POST XML stream to the servlet (not only a
        filename), so you
            don't have to serialize the the XML file before (that makes
        no sense
            by print on demand).

            In addition to that, I'd like to improve the marker
        compatibility with
            the next W3C recommondation (table markers etc.).

            Well, how do I get a developer for Apache FOP?

            kind regards,

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