I did figure out why I kept getting build successful without getting a
new fop.jar.  Apparently the ant script was telling it not to update the
jar when it already exists.  I worked around it by adding a delete
method in the script before the part where it gets initially created. 

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I don't use the Ant script to compile FOP inside Eclipse. I only use
"ant resourcegen" on the command-line for code generation. From there I
set up a normal Eclipse Java project.

And besides, IMO the Maven Eclipse plugin is trouble. I've uninstalled
it long ago and I'm using "mvn eclipse:eclipse" where I have no other
choice than to use Maven.

On 05.08.2010 16:24:53 Eric Douglas wrote:
> I have FOP source in an Eclipse Ant project.  I right click on the 
> build.xml file and select run as ant build.  This used to work.  Now I

> get messages in the console and it tells me build successful but the 
> jar doesn't update.  What could I be missing?  The most significant 
> change I have that could have broken it is I installed the maven
eclipse plugin.

Jeremias Maerki

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