There is a file linkmap.xml but not in the source download.  Maybe this
is my problem.  I downloaded both and unzipped, then
unzipped to the same root path, telling it to replace
any duplicate file names.  I'll try wiping out the files and unzipping
just the src again.  It would seem they might just conflict each other.

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linkmap.xml? I don't think we have a file with that name in FOP. Could
that be coming from Apache Forrest somehow, maybe due to a buggy XML
parser maybe? Maybe putting a current Xerces and Xalan in the JRE's
lib/endorsed directory may change something. Otherwise, please provide a
snippet from the output log.

On 10.08.2010 17:27:00 Eric Douglas wrote:
> When I download the source for fop 1.0, the ant build shows 
> successful, but if I try a regular build just to check for errors 
> before running the ant build I get a bunch of error messages such as 
> "the content of element type "li" must match..." (on linkmap.xml).  Is

> this normal or am I missing something?

Jeremias Maerki

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