It appears that was the case.  I was confused because my setup has a
build folder under every project source folder, or at least it creates
it there after the first compile, so I thought the could be
extracted right over the since the has a build folder
and the doesn't.

I deleted my project, removed the files on disk, and extracted just the to recreate the project.  Then I compiled and got some errors in
the Eclipse Problems tab, though none such as what I was getting
previously.  There is an error that it can't find javax.crypto because
the package added the Java libraries as some sort of specific reference
to rt.jar.  I deleted that from the build path and added a reference to
the JRE System Library and that error went away.  All other errors in
the Eclipse Problems tab appear to be expected errors, font related,
from classes with no source which are created from the ant build such as

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linkmap.xml? I don't think we have a file with that name in FOP. Could
that be coming from Apache Forrest somehow, maybe due to a buggy XML
parser maybe? Maybe putting a current Xerces and Xalan in the JRE's
lib/endorsed directory may change something. Otherwise, please provide a
snippet from the output log.

On 10.08.2010 17:27:00 Eric Douglas wrote:
> When I download the source for fop 1.0, the ant build shows 
> successful, but if I try a regular build just to check for errors 
> before running the ant build I get a bunch of error messages such as 
> "the content of element type "li" must match..." (on linkmap.xml).  Is

> this normal or am I missing something?

Jeremias Maerki

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